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W E   C R E A T E   A R T   I N S P I R E D   B Y

F A I T H ,   N A T U R E   A N D   L O V E

(or anything else you'd want us to make!)

We are Mourne Media and we want to screen your local story to a global audience. Founded in July 2015 by filmmaker Joanna McClure, Mourne Media has been increasing ever since, not only filming love stories and weddings but also providing digital art for various other clients throughout Northern Ireland and beyond. Want to be our next client or film star? Find out more about our work through the links below:

W H O   W E   A R E

We are a small image-making company local to the area of County Down, Northern Ireland. We're passionate about the art and design we create, and always enjoy taking on new projects. We aim to celebrate life, love and truth through everything we make.

W H A T   W E   D O

We are passionate about providing film, photo and design work for our local community. Some of our favourite projects are wedding films, though we also love doing work for churches, charities, businesses and individuals.

G E T   I N   T O U C H

Interested in working with Mourne Media for an upcoming project of yours? Great! Let's have a chat! You can head to our about page to use our online form or alternatively send us an e-mail with your message to hello@mournemedia.com

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